2021 Blockchain Fest in Limassol

Xenia Neophytou represents CX Financia at 2021 Blockchain Fest in Limassol

Our Managing Director Mrs. Xenia Neophytou had an amazing and highly constructive experience by participating in 2021 Blockchain Fest event in Parklane Hotel in Limassol!

We at CX Financia would like to congratulate the people in FINEXPO, for the perfect organization and moderation of this amazing event.

The topic discussed in Xenia’s panel was “Crypto Assets and investing forecast”. Special thanks to our moderator Mr. Jan Robert Schutte.

Many thanks also, to our co-panelists for giving their views and contributing to some high-level panel discussions.

What have we learnt?

  • Xenia stated that it is known that crypto has been on the Regulators radar for a while now. Especially for AML, FATF has issued a set of recommendations for the said asset class and the providers of it. On the other side, traditional AML rules are still applying to crypto.
  • So it’s a matter of considering crypto as a new product within an existing infrastructure. So whilst the rules haven’t changed, financial institutions need to think about and incorporate the risks for the new class into their existing AML processes. With a proper and smart set of regulations, cryptocurrencies are here to stay.
  • Certainly, cryptocurrencies are a new asset class. This should not be a discouraging factor for investors, who however are needed to be aware of the risks. Knowledge is power after all.

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