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Work Permit in Cyprus (Employment Visa)

From the sun-soaked Mediterranean climate to the high standard of living and the education system, Cyprus is the perfect place to live. However, to be able to work in Cyprus you’ll need a work-related visa – obtained before you leave your home country.

The Cyprus government has introduced a number of work permits and employment visas for Non-European individuals and their family members seeking employment in Cyprus. However, without the expertise and the technical knowledge, it can be challenging for individuals like you to select the most appropriate work permit and go through the application process and documentation alone.

How can CX Financia help?

At CX Financia, we help individuals like you select and obtain the most appropriate work permit for living and working on the island.

We offer a full spectrum of services to help you obtain your Cyprus residency and work permit:

  • We’ll guide you through the financial criteria, conditions, and application procedure.
  • Our team of specialists will help you collect, draft, and submit all required documents.
  • We’ll stay by your side, monitoring the status of your application and handling the appointment bookings with the Migration Department.

We can work with you to help you obtain your Cyprus Immigration Work Permit.

Learn more about residing in Cyprus and work permit requirements in the Knowledge section

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