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Visas & Work Permits

Other Visas and Work Permits

There are a number of visas and permits that can provide entry into Cyprus for non-EU citizens. These include short-stay visas, temporary residence permits, immigration permits and residence permits from family members.

Immigration Permits

Non-EU citizens can immigrate to Cyprus and obtain a residence permit according to the type of business they aim to establish within the Republic of Cyprus. The available categories are as follows:

Category A

Persons who intend to work in agriculture, livestock, poultry or fish farming in Cyprus as self-employed individuals. In order to qualify for this category, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have secured a license to acquire land that is appropriate to this undertaking
  • Own available capital of €350,000
  • Ensure that such employment will not adversely affect the general economy.

Category B

Persons who intend to work in mining enterprises in Cyprus. Applicants for this permit must meet the following criteria:

  • Have secured the relevant permit for this type of undertaking
  • Have at their disposal available capital of €350,000
  • Ensure that such employment will not adversely affect the general economy.

Category C

Persons who intend on becoming self-employed in a trade or business in Cyprus. Applicants to this category must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Are holders of the relevant permits or professional qualifications as required by their specific trade or business
  • Have at their disposal available capital of €260,000
  • Ensure that their employment will not adversely affect the general economy

 Category D

Persons who intend to work as self-employed in a profession or science. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold the relevant qualifications or permits, or are members of an associate body that permits them to exercise such a profession or trade
  • Show ownership of sufficient capital as applicable to their specific trade or profession
  • Demonstrate a need for additional members of this science or trade-in Cyprus.

Category E

Persons who have been offered employment in Cyprus which requires a specific skill set not available or sparse within the local human resources, thus will not create undue competition.

Category F

Persons who do not intend to engage in any business, trade, science or profession within Cyprus, but who have access to a secured disposable income that is high enough to ensure a decent living. In order to qualify for this category, applicants must demonstrate access to a minimum annual income of €10,000 plus €4,650 for each dependent. The Commission may ask for additional details on a case-by-case basis.

Short-Stay Visas

A short-stay visa allows non-immigration related travel to Cyprus for business or vacation for a duration of fewer than 3 months. A short-stay visa can be issued as a multiple-entry visa, allowing visitors to enter the country several times, or as a single entry visa.

Work Permits/Work Visas

Types of Work Permits

The Cyprus government has introduced a number of work permits and visas for individuals and their family members seeking employment to reside in Cyprus. Non-EU citizens who wish to pursue paid employment in Cyprus are subject to the terms and requirements of work visas and permits.

Businesses in Cyprus may employ third-country nationals in the event that a Cypriot or other EU/EFTA national could not have otherwise filled the available position. The process for this type of work permit must be initiated by the employer through the relevant governing bodies, and meet a specific set of requirements.

Eligible applicants for a Cyprus Work Permit include Senior Management and Directors, Middle-level Managers and Key Personnel, and Supporting Personnel.

For more information about the Cyprus Work Permit procedures, you may read our brochure here.

Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit (Employment Visa)

A temporary residence permit - employment visa can be obtained by third-country nationals who wish to be employed by a Cyprus company of foreign interest that is eligible to employ a third-country national.

It should be noted that individuals who conduct business in Cyprus or are employed in Cyprus and reside in Cyprus for at least 60 days per year may be considered a Cyprus tax resident under the 60-day rule, and can thus qualify for the Cyprus Non-Dom Regime.

Start-up Visa

Nationals that originate from non–EU countries can obtain a working permit visa easily as part of the start-up visa scheme. With the aim of creating new jobs, promoting innovation and research, and developing the business ecosystem of our island, the Cypriot government has launched a policy for start-ups and third-country staff recruitment. This initiative permits the entry and employment of talented entrepreneurs from outside of the EU and EEA to settle in Cyprus and develop their start-up business in Cyprus.

Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Access to capital of €20,000
  • An innovative enterprise
  • Head offices registered in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Management and control of the company exercised from Cyprus

We help you with

  • Preparation and completion of relevant application forms
  • Assistance in gathering the necessary legal documentation to accompany the application
  • Assistance with setting up your business, including:
    • Preparation and completion of application to Registrant of Companies
    • Assistance in gathering necessary legal documentation
    • Assistance with preparation of policies and procedures to meet all legal compliance requirements
    • Registration of business with all relevant authorities (VAT, Immigration Authorities, Social Insurance, etc)
  • Ongoing support with regulatory updates and business-related matters.

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