Unlocking Business Potentials

Unlocking Business Potentials: A Glimpse into Cyprus’ Corporate Landscape

Embarking on a new chapter, especially when considering relocating for business opportunities, can be both exhilarating and challenging. CX Financia warmly welcomes you to discover the resilient, vibrant, and bountiful corporate landscape of Cyprus, particularly appealing to those seeking to relocate. With an admirable comeback post-pandemic and a plethora of opportunities spanning various sectors, Cyprus not only presents a prosperous business environment but also promises a laid-back lifestyle and safety for those considering calling it their new home.

In this article, CX Financia reviews the most promising sectors propelling Cyprus’s economy, highlighting the opportunities for business and investment in the upcoming year

Cyprus: An Emerging Safe Haven for Relocation

Living and working in Cyprus is not just about enjoying the beautiful beaches and Mediterranean climate, it’s also about relishing a lifestyle that effortlessly blends relaxation with opportunities. Cyprus offers a laid-back lifestyle, unparalleled safety with notably low crime rates, and an enviable quality of life that most people dream of. Furthermore, the efficient tax system, sturdy economy, and skilled workforce make it a fruitful soil for businesses to thrive, especially for those thinking of relocating to strategically access the European and Middle Eastern markets.

Economic Resilience

Cyprus has demonstrated impressive resilience, driving its economy towards robust growth, particularly in sectors like tourism, financial services, and energy. Remarkably, according to FDI Magazine by the Financial Times, Cyprus currently ranks an impressive third among the top countries for post-pandemic recovery, marking a significant leap from 2021 when we surged 50 places from the 18th position. This achievement underscores Cyprus’s commitment to economic rejuvenation and prosperity.

Economic Performance and Projections: Cyprus has exhibited robust economic performance, surpassing both the EU and the Eurozone averages. In 2021, our GDP growth stood at an impressive 6.6%, outpacing the EU’s 5.6% and the Eurozone’s 5.4%. Even in 2022, Cyprus maintained its strong growth trajectory with GDP growth of 5.6%, while the EU and Eurozone reported 3.7% and 3.5% respectively. Looking ahead to 2023, we project a steady real GDP growth of 2.8%, alongside a manageable unemployment rate of 6.5% and inflation at 3.2%, with public debt remaining relatively stable at around 81.1%.

Attractive Personal Tax System and Incentives: Cyprus has strategically designed its tax system to attract both corporations and individuals. The government has worked diligently to complement corporate incentives with benefits for employees. Notably, there’s a significant tax exemption of 50% for individuals earning a minimum of €55,000 annually for 17 years. This is a substantial incentive for professionals working in tech and other sectors. Furthermore, the tax-free bandwidth for all tax residents is €19,500. Cyprus’s tax incentives aim to create a favorable environment for businesses and their employees.

Education and Innovation: Cyprus boasts 11 universities and over 40 colleges, continuously improving their rankings. Several universities conduct groundbreaking research, and there’s a concerted effort to commercialize this research for the benefit of various industries. The government, in collaboration with the private sector, seeks to leverage these educational resources to drive innovation and economic growth.

Cyprus as a Tech Hub: Cyprus’s response to the pandemic, coupled with its incentives for tech companies, has attracted a significant influx of multinational tech firms. In 2019, 26 professions were identified to facilitate the entry of tech experts from non-EU countries, supported by Fast Track procedures and tax incentives. Recent global events, such as the tragedy in Lebanon and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, have prompted tech companies to seek Cyprus as a stable and advantageous location for their operations

Investor-Friendly Environment and Talent Pool: Cyprus, as a member of the Eurozone, the European Union, and the Commonwealth, offers a fertile ground for investors. With over 65 double tax avoidance treaties in place, Cyprus provides an attractive destination for international businesses. We’ve established ourselves as a global hub, serving clients across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. In the tech industry, we’ve introduced incentives to attract skilled professionals from non-EU countries. Plus, our highly educated workforce, with 58% holding tertiary degrees, makes Cyprus an appealing choice.

Professional Clusters and Legal Infrastructure: Cyprus boasts a strong network of professionals, including 700 registered accounting firms, 3,900 accountants, and 160 law firms with over 2,700 lawyers. Our economy heavily relies on services, encompassing financial, professional, fintech, and investment sectors. We provide a secure legal framework rooted in British common law, offering reliability and trustworthiness to investors. Additionally, our youthful population, with 58% aged 13 to 34, contributes to a dynamic and talented workforce. In essence, Cyprus prioritizes becoming a thriving International Business Center.

Tech Industry’s Impact: Tech is a transformative force spanning various sectors, including gaming, shipping, banking, and payments. Cyprus is witnessing a growing interest from tech companies looking to establish a presence here. In 2022, we welcomed 47 international tech companies to our shores, contributing significantly to our tech sector. These companies also brought in a substantial number of professionals, with 9,000 working permits granted in 2022, primarily in the tech industry. Additionally, incentives for professionals, such as the ability for spouses to work, have attracted over 25,000 people to Cyprus since the beginning of 2022.

Strategic Investments and Funds: Another key pillar of our focus is attracting investments in strategic projects, spanning hospitality, tourism, healthcare, education, and renewable energy. We maintain a comprehensive database showcasing mature, investable projects that have all the necessary permits and are ready for investment. This provides a seamless path for investors and investment firms to engage in these opportunities. Lastly, Cyprus has positioned itself as a prominent jurisdiction for funds and asset management. Our local ecosystem for funds has seen substantial improvement since 2013, aligning with European standards. We have registrations for various fund types, including alternative investment funds, and have established favorable legislation. Currently, Cyprus boasts close to 11 billion euros of assets under management in registered investment funds, making it a compelling destination for fund managers and investors.

Quality of Life and Natural Beauty: Cyprus offers a high quality of life thanks to its natural beauty, safety, exquisite cuisine, and pristine waters. It’s a place where you can savor the joys of life. Whether you’re drawn to the scenic landscapes or the vibrant culture, Cyprus invites you to immerse yourself in its splendor.

Testimonials from Industry Professionals: Prominent industry professionals from various sectors, including technology, gaming, and general management, share their positive experiences in Cyprus. They emphasize the growing vitality of the tech industry and the welcoming environment for professionals. Cyprus is becoming a vibrant hub, offering not only a thriving business ecosystem but also a high quality of life. With its excellent workforce, incentives from the government, and a supportive community, Cyprus is emerging as one of the best places in Europe to live, work, and conduct business.

Vision for 2035: As we look ahead to 2035, Cyprus aspires to become one of the premier countries for living, working, and doing business. Cyprus extends an open invitation to individuals, entrepreneurs, and investors to be a part of this exciting journey. The testimonials and the nation’s vision reaffirm that Cyprus is not just a destination but a place to call home, offering an ideal work-life balance, a warm community, and boundless opportunities.

In conclusion, Cyprus’s thriving tech cluster, strategic investment opportunities, and robust funds ecosystem are attracting global companies and investors. Key players like MUFG and Murex have recognized Cyprus as the optimal choice for their operations, citing numerous benefits and a swift setup process. With a growing list of renowned companies and expanding employment opportunities, Cyprus remains an attractive destination for businesses and professionals alike.

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