Fiduciary Services

Cyprus International Trusts

Whether you want to safeguard the education fees of your children, protect assets from creditors, or ensure future security for yourself and your family – a well-managed trust can help preserve wealth for generations.  

Grounded on our experience and backed by in-depth wealth diagnostics, we take an integrated yet personalised approach that allows long-term, bespoke returns over time. By thinking ahead of time and looking beyond numbers, we can mitigate your overall tax liability and plan for the long term.

How can CX Financia help?

As a company with multi-asset capability and a fiduciary mindset, we offer solutions that are tailored to your goals and can deliver strong returns with controlled risk.

Our full suite of trustee services includes:

  • Review of the trustee services you require and establishment of the trust
  • Setting up private trustee companies (PTCs), beneficial for family trusts of High Net – Worth Individuals who wish to have a separate and exclusive trustee for their trusts.
  • Advising clients and trustees on issues and deficiencies arising concerning trusts under Cyprus Law, trustee powers, beneficiary rights, interpretation of trust deeds, and other trust-related documentation
  • Drafting and review of trust settlements, deeds, and declarations.
  • Provision of trustee & protector services
  • Day to day management and administration of trusts
  • Preparation of proper books of account for the trust

Trusts are traditionally a powerful estate planning tool that can ensure assets are immediately available for the next generation without the delays and complications of a formal probate procedure.

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From Investment Firms to Wealth Management companies, we’re working with clients around the globe to help them prepare, manage and optimise their trusts.

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