total Blockchain Package solution

C.X. Financia & Akeo AS – The Total Blockchain Package Solution – results for the future

Following the boom of Bitcoin and the evolutionary technology behind it (Blockchain), new businesses rapidly emerged, utilizing ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) for funding and business development. The willingness of Investors to back ICOs is evident from the approximate 6 billion dollars attraction over 2017, expected to rise significantly by the end of 2018. However, they face a serious challenge in selecting their next venture.

As per, approximately 46% of new ICO fail. With “poor” execution and utilization of the Blockchain technology, improper business structuring, and legal planning, combined with the possibility of being scammed, the investor community maintains a healthy skepticism.

The need for knowledgeable professionals is apparent more than ever, with two expertise requirements being the most prominent, the “Blockchain expert” and the “Compliance Advisor”.

For us, the role of Blockchain Solutions advisor, incorporating both of these functions, came as a natural response to this demand, fortifying our prime consulting service offerings.

CX Financia, having experience with Financial Licensing and Compliance on regulated firms, is already well qualified for taking on the role of the Compliance Advisor. The company’s main strengths are highly experienced staff, flexible turnkey services, a wide partner network, and broad knowledge of the most well-known regulatory jurisdictions for financial services.

Our experience in company incorporation, tax structuring, license acquisition, and compliance services ensures the proper setup and management of your project.

Additional aspects such as taxation, AML, and KYC policies and procedures, as well as preparation of the inevitable regulatory compliance reporting, will be well-taken care off with us.

For the role of the Blockchain Expert, we are proud to announce our strategic alliance with Akeo AS.

Akeo is a Norwegian based IT service company. It has almost ten years of experience in fin-tech services, with a range of completed solutions under its belt, such as web development P2P platforms and CRM.

Following the current trends and consumer demand, Akeo has focused its operations on Blockchain solutions, having already successfully completed several projects. The most reputable is Bulltoken, an innovative community-driven ICO for investing in other ICOs or projects.

Akeo’s experience ensures proper development of ICO’s Blockchain technology and Token Asset Ownership, offering transparency and “clear-cut” processes and procedures to potential backers. The alliance combines all the professional needs for utilizing Blockchain technology for your business in one package, thus significantly increasing the potential for success of your project in all areas:

  • ICO formation
  • Research and Development
  • Incorporation Structuring and Formation
  • Technical Implementation
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
  • Emerging Compliance

Together we can now be your one-stop Blockchain Solutions advisor – we will be excited to face and overcome any challenge you may have for us.


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