T.D59A- Annual Allowance Claim Form

T.D59A- Annual Allowance Claim Form

As a tax payer, you may be wondering what the T.D.59A -Claim for Allowances Form for the Yearis and how it affects your taxes for the year. In this post, we will provide you with an overview of the form, as well as the eligibility requirements for its use. We will also discuss how CX Financia Services can help you understand the T.D.59A  tax form.


What is T.D.59A-Claim for Allowances Form for The Year?

At the beginning of each year, the employers must provide their employees with the T.D.59A form on which they declare any income they wish to include in calculating their tax obligations.

T.D.59A refers to a specific section of the Cyprus tax return form, which is used to report income earned from sources outside of Cyprus. The purpose of this section is to determine the taxpayer’s liability for income tax in Cyprus on foreign income.

In particular, T.D.59A requires the taxpayer to provide information about income earned outside of Cyprus during the tax year, including the type of income (e.g. employment income,rental income, dividends, interest, capital gains), the country where the income was earned, and the amount of income earned in each country.

This information is used to determine the taxpayer’s tax liability in Cyprus on their foreign income. Cyprus has a territorial tax system, which means that residents are generally only taxed on their income earned within Cyprus. However, residents are required to report their foreign income and may be subject to tax on that income in Cyprus, depending on certain factors such as the type of income and the country where it was earned.


Why T.D.59A is essential?

T.D.59A is a temporary Cyprus tax form that is used to report income earned during a partial tax year. It is important because it allows taxpayers who arrive or depart from Cyprus during a tax year to accurately report their income and determine their tax liability for the partial year.


For example, if a taxpayer arrives in Cyprus in the middle of a tax year, they would use T.D.59A to report their income earned from the date of their arrival until the end of the tax year. Similarly, if a taxpayer departs from Cyprus in the middle of a tax year, they would use T.D.59A to report their income earned from the beginning of the tax year until the date of their departure.


Furthermore the completion of this specific tax form is essential so that the employer correctly calculates the employee’s monthly deductions (income tax (PAYE), social insurance, GHS, etc.) for the rest of the year. Thus, the purpose of the form is to inform the employer about any information they are unaware of.

By using T.D.59A, taxpayers can ensure that they accurately report their income and comply with the tax laws in Cyprus. Failing to report income earned during a partial tax year could result in penalties or other consequences, so it is important to use the appropriate tax form for the situation.


Key takeaways

  • Failing to report income earned could result in  penalties or other consequences.
  • Seek professional advice if you are not familiar with the Tax allowances claims.


What if no submission of T.D.59A takes place?

If the employee does not fill in or sign the form, then:

(a) No further tax deduction will be calculated since no declaration of other personal expenses were declared.

(b) The employer will assume that you have no other income.

(c) if the employee earns extra income (other than salary) is considered tax avoidance since he hides income. Failing to report income earned during atax year could result in penalties or other consequences


How to complete T.D.59A?

When you are ready to complete the T.D.59A – Claim for Allowances Form, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Make sure that you have all of the required information on hand before you begin filling out the form. This includes your contact information, ID, social security number, and details about your income and expenses.
  2. Take your time when filling out the form. Make sure that all of the information is accurate and complete.
  3. Once you have finished filling out the form, be sure to check over it one last time before submitting it. This will help ensure that everything is in order and that there are no mistakes.


When to submit T.D59A?

Form T.D. 59A should be returned to the payroll team as soon as possible to have a tax professional complete this to avoid any misstatement or omission of amounts.



The T.D.59A – Claim for Allowances Form is an important form that should be filed by those who are claiming allowances from the government for tax purposes in a given year. It is important to note that this form must be filled out properly and accurately in order to ensure that all of your allowances are correctly declared so as to avoid any hassles or penalties during tax filing season.


How can CX Financia help?

When you file your taxes, it’s important to understand all of the tax components that will affect your final outcome. CX Financia professional team can help you understand these key components and maximize your allowances for the year. By using our expertise and support, you can ensure that you receive the most benefit from your tax filings.



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