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Companies worldwide are facing increasing pressure to conform to ever-stringent regulation, while regulatory authorities gain more and more influence over regulated entities. For most companies, the process of obtaining the relevant license means spending valuable time dealing with any number of regulatory bodies.

Whether you are a Broker, IB or Asset Manager, Market Maker, EMI, PI, or a Banking Institution, we can help. Our team is dedicated to offering you extensive guidance and experienced regulatory compliance assisting you with planning and structuring your business. We assist in comparing regulatory jurisdictions and advising on where and how to best conduct your business to a complete set-up package with a fully licensed and operating firm.

Our dedicated Financial Services advisory department is specialised in assisting our clients in setting up their FX, CFD, Market Making, Cryptocurrencies and Investment Brokerage Firms as well as ICOs, E-Money and Payment Institutions in Cyprus and worldwide.

Important Facts for CIFs

  • An established firm in Cyprus with local offices is required
  • The firm must have at least two native executive directors and two non-executive
  • Depending on the intended investment services, additional key personnel may be required, such as:
    • a Compliance Officer
    • an AML Officer
    • an Officer authorised and licensed to provide the respective Investment Service
  • Depending on the Investment Services and whether the firm will hold client funds, there is a minimum capital requirement for which the levels are:
    • €50,000
    • €125,000
    • €730,000
  • Application examination can take up to 6 months
  • Segregation of Client and Corporate funds is a must

Application Process - How We Work!

Step 1: Registration of the firm's name.

Step 2: Registration/Incorporation of the firm.

Step 3: Post-registration obligations. Registration of the established firm with the local authorities (TAX, VAT, SI)

Step 4: Acquiring CIF license. At this stage, we proceed with CySEC application and work closely to answer promptly any inquiries, updates or additional items requested from CYSEC.

Step 5: Activation of License. At this stage, we advise and assist with the final requirements as said by CySEC for the license activation.

We help you with

We support Investment Firms and Investment Funds during the licensing process, from authorisation to activation and provide solutions on relevant matters post-authorisation.

Licensing applications for the provision of investment services

  • Preparation of the application package - We can prepare the full application package that needs to be submitted to CySEC. During this process, our experienced team will advise you on how to structure your operations better to meet the regulatory requirements while at the same time, achieve cost efficiency.
  • Review of the application package - We will provide you with comments and advice on how to improve the application package you have prepared before its submission to CySEC.
  • Assistance in obtaining a license for additional investment services - In the case of licensed CIFs, we can assist you with your application to CySEC to obtain a license for the provision of additional investment services.
  • Assistance for setting up a branch abroad or offering services cross border. We can assist you with the applications to CySEC to obtain the relevant authorisations.

Acquisition or Sale

We also participate in the acquisition or sale of Investment Firms, Investment Funds, legal entities, domains, and other licensed business segments. Whether you or an affiliated party is looking to buy or sell an entity in a licensed jurisdiction, we can assist you:

  • Identify an Entity for Acquisition or Sale;
  • Guide you through the Compliance and financial due diligence required;
  • Identification of a target entity based on business needs;
  • Expedited negotiation based on previous deals experience between all parties;
  • Compliance and financial due diligence; and
  • Transaction supervision.

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