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Cypriot Investment Firms (CIFs)

A Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) is licensed and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regarding the provision of investment services, the exercise of investment activities, and the operation of regulated markets.

The ever-changing regulatory landscape, the stringent regulations, and the highly sophisticated infrastructure propound a challenge for CIFs to obtain and manage their license. A lack of understanding of the policies and procedures can lead to mismanagement and consequently regulation breaches, penalties, and even litigation.

How can CX Financia help?

Whether an Asset Manager, IB, EMI, PI, Broker, or a Market Maker institution, CX Financia can provide an integrated, comprehensive solution to Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) licensing.

Our full suite of services includes:

  • Consulting services

Our team will provide guidance and advice on structuring your business to meet regulatory requirements. We’ll design and implement a project plan based on your company’s requirements and goals, based on our experience, and backed by our research.

  • CIF License

From collecting information to liaising with local regulators, we will prepare, draft, and submit all licensing applications from start to finish.

  • Ongoing support

Our team of professionals will work together with you to identify and manage risks to allow all parties to move forward with greater confidence and transparency.

With a growing array of services available, we can work with you to determine the right solution for your company. Our client base includes a diverse range of investment firms such as Brokers, Investment Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Asset Managers, and Market Makers.

We can work with you to help you obtain and manage your CIF license.

Find out more about our licensing services.

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