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Discover the Different Residence Permits in Cyprus

Cyprus offers various residence permits to EU and non-EU nationals based on their specific requirements and duration of stay. Below, we outline the different types of residence permits available:

A. EU Nationals

Registration Certificate for EU Nationals – Yellow Slips for EU citizens

If you are an EU national in Cyprus, you have the privilege of staying visa-free for up to three months. However, if you plan to extend your residency beyond this period, it is necessary to apply for a Registration Certificate, also known as a Yellow Slip. This certificate allows you to work, live, access healthcare, and enroll your children in school within Cyprus.

As an EU or EFTA citizen, you have the right to work and reside in any other EU country as well. To stay in Cyprus for more than 90 days, simply register your stay at the Civil Registry and Migration Department and obtain the Registration Certificate (Yellow Slip). The application should be submitted within four months from your entry into the country.

The advantage for EU nationals is that you do not need to possess a work or residence permit to start working in Cyprus. Additionally, you are not required to go through the usual application procedure for a residence permit (in other words, your application is not at risk of being rejected). CX Financia offers customized solutions for those interested in relocating to Cyprus for business, property purchase, or studies.

B. Non-EU Nationals

1. Temporary Residence Permit

Non-EU nationals who plan to reside in Cyprus for an extended period should consider applying for a Temporary Residence Permit. The duration of this permit is determined by the type and purpose of your stay, and it allows you to legally reside in Cyprus for several years. Common reasons for obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit include employment, studying, or family reunification.

The initial validity of the permit is one year, and it can be renewed thereafter. However, it’s important to note that while holding a Temporary Residence Permit, you must not exceed the maximum absence period of three months from Cyprus. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the automatic cancellation of your permit.

To ensure a smooth application process and compliance with all requirements, it is advisable to seek guidance from immigration authorities or relevant experts. At CX Financia, we specialize in immigration services and can offer expert guidance and assistance in obtaining your Temporary Residence Permit in Cyprus.

2. Work Permit for Employees

When coming to Cyprus to work as a foreign national, it is important to obtain a residence permit upon arrival. However, it’s crucial to note that the temporary residence permit alone does not automatically grant authorization to work. Before traveling to Cyprus and obtaining the residence permit, you must also obtain a Cyprus work permit and work visa.

If you are a non-EU national planning to work in Cyprus, your employer must first register with the Department of Labour and/or Migration Department to obtain the necessary authorization for employing third-country nationals. Once your employer has fulfilled the required procedures, they can proceed with applying for a work permit on your behalf. Our team will assist your employer with the application process, ensuring compliance with all regulations and smooth processing.

For detailed information, please refer to the Work Permit in Cyprus guidelines.

3. Visitor Permit

The Visitor Residence Permit is a temporary residency option in Cyprus designed for non-EU citizens who intend to stay on the island for more than three months without seeking employment rights. Eligibility for this permit is limited to third-country nationals who possess stable or sufficient income originating from abroad. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate a minimum deposited amount of EUR 10,000 per adult and EUR 5,000 per minor per year. These financial resources are substantiated through bank statements and swift confirmations, ensuring that the individual has adequate means to reside in Cyprus for one year without adversely affecting the country’s economy.

Non-EU nationals seeking to extend their stay in Cyprus beyond the permitted visa period can opt for a Visitor Permit under the Autonomous status. This option is also available for family members of non-EU residents who are not eligible for the family reunification scheme. Our team of experienced professionals will provide comprehensive guidance throughout the application process, ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled for a successful outcome.

4. Digital Nomad Visa

The Cyprus digital nomad visa, also known as the “Digital Nomad Visa Scheme,” enables non-EU and non-EEA nationals to temporarily live in Cyprus. Previously, only 100 permits were available, but now the number has been increased to 500. To qualify for this visa, you must meet specific criteria. You should work remotely using telecommunication technology, either as an employee of a foreign-registered company or as a self-employed individual serving clients abroad. Additionally, you need to demonstrate a minimum monthly income of €3,500 to establish financial stability.

One of the significant advantages of the Cyprus digital nomad visa is tax exemption. As a digital nomad in Cyprus, you won’t have to pay taxes until you reach your 183rd day of stay. After that, you will be considered a tax resident, and taxes will be imposed accordingly.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in working as a digital nomad in a secure and affordable environment, the Cyprus digital nomad visa could be the perfect choice for you. CX Financia is here to assist you throughout the application process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience in obtaining your digital nomad visa for Cyprus.

5. Startup Visa

The Startup Visa program in Cyprus offers opportunities for talented entrepreneurs from third countries to establish and develop their startups. There are two main categories: the Individual Start-Up Visa Scheme and the Team Start-Up Visa Scheme. To qualify, enterprises need to meet the innovative criteria, including allocating 10% of operating costs to research and development.

Under the Individual Start-Up Visa Scheme, non-EU nationals can apply as the sole founder of the startup, meeting enterprise requirements, with a capital of €50,000, and demonstrating excellent language skills and educational qualifications. The Team Start-Up Visa Scheme is open to teams of non-EU nationals, with a maximum of five founders or a founder and other senior executives. The team must collectively hold over 50% of the shares and meet capital requirements. Language proficiency and educational qualifications are also necessary. CX Financia provides assistance throughout the application process to ensure a seamless experience in obtaining the Cyprus startup visa.

6. Long-Term Permits and Permanent Residency

If you’re considering residing in Cyprus for an extended period of five years or more, you have the option of obtaining a Long-Term Permit or Permanent Residency. These permits are suitable for self-employed professionals, individuals with permanent employment offers, or those with a stable annual income that enables comfortable living in Cyprus.

The Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus has a validity of up to five years and can be renewed prior to expiration. It is granted in two main cases: if you have resided in Cyprus with a Temporary Residence Permit for at least five years without leaving the country for more than three months, and you hold a work contract of either an open-duration or a minimum of 18 months. Alternatively, you can also qualify for permanent residency by purchasing property in Cyprus worth at least €300,000, known as the “fast-track” option. Applying through this option ensures a processing time of just two months, but specific conditions must be met. For detailed information, please refer to the Cyprus Permanent Residence guidelines.

How can CX Financia help?

Your Partner in Obtaining a Residence Permit in Cyprus At CX Financia, we provide a comprehensive range of immigration services to meet your relocation needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to assisting clients successfully throughout the immigration process.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining permanent residence permits, whether through the fast-track method or the regular procedure.
  • Acquiring temporary residence permits for employment or visitor purposes, as well as long-term residence permits.
  • Assisting with applications for citizenship, either through naturalization or the Cyprus Investment Programme.
  • Providing support for Schengen Visa Applications.
  • Facilitating the registration process for EU citizens, including the issuance and renewal of registration certificates (Yellow Slips).
  • Handling the issuance and renewal of entry visas.
  • Assisting with the registration of employees in the Civil Registry and Migration Department.
  • Securing temporary residence permits for individuals from non-EU countries.

Are you considering residing in Cyprus? Look no further! CX Financia is your premier immigration service provider, offering expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout the residence permit application process. Our team of experienced professionals is here to assist you in obtaining the right residence permit based on your unique circumstances and needs. With our assistance, you can navigate the Cyprus immigration system with ease and confidence.

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