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Regulatory AML Compliance and Support


Investment Firms

With the 5th AML EU Directive recently coming into force as one of a long list of compliance issues facing corporations today, there is an ever-growing need for knowledgeable and skilled individuals who can meet these challenges head-on.

CX Financia aims to help organizations navigate these demanding requirements by operating as a one-stop-shop for all your compliance needs. Our team of experts offers a practical approach to regulatory AML Compliance Training and Support, through both in-house trainings and tailored packages

Our solutions cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • How to design and implement an effective Anti-Money Laundering Program to support your organization’s Compliance and Regulatory Obligations
  • Establishing and strengthening controls to combat terrorist financing through financial institutions
  • Understanding best practices and guidelines designed to detect, investigate, report, escalate and resolve red flags, money laundering, and terrorist financing issues
  • Understanding money laundering and terrorist financing processes
  • How to identify both common and uncommon red flags and questionable behaviours
  • How to be aware of the dangers of money laundering for your clients, your organization, and yourself
  • Protecting yourself and your company from criminals wanting to use your firm to launder money facilitate terrorist financing
  • Practical guidance for the adoption and implementation of Risk Assessment Policies and methodology
  • Effective application of due diligence and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures

Tailored Package Solutions

CX Financia offers tailored package solutions that address each organization’s unique concerns, helping to prepare them for any challenges they may face. Our team sets up a series of meetings with the Management and Compliance teams in order to identify and understand their specific needs and challenges, and how to overcome them. We then use that information as a basis for creating tailored package solutions which include expert advice and guidance on industry best practices and reliable interpretation of existing regulations and upcoming regulatory developments.

Our package solutions can include any combination of the above training sessions, and can easily be adapted and configured according to what best suits your organization.

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