Moving closer to the ‘New Normal’ How ready are we? What changes we should expect

“Moving closer to the ‘New Normal’ How ready are we? What changes we should expect” webinar highlights

On May 18th, CX Financia participated in the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association’s 7th international webinar titled “Moving closer to the ‘New Normal’ How ready are we? What changes we should expect”. If you are interested in watching the full webinar, you can find the recorded video here.

The main topics discussed by the experts invited were the Hospitality Industry, the Permanent Residence Permit & New Investment Criteria, Headquartering in Cyprus and Cyprus International Trusts & Funds.

CX Financia’s Managing Director, Xenia Neophytou, as a member and supporter of the association, participated as a speaker.

Xenia spoke about Cyprus Funds and gave an overview of Cyprus as an Alternative Funds Center in Europe.  She also talked about who can benefit from setting up a fund. Some examples include:

  • Venture capital firms which fund several different types of businesses, from dotcom companies to biotech and peer-to-peer finance companies.
  • Family offices which usually find that by using a fund structure they can manage the family wealth in a more flexible and transparent way which avoids potential conflicts when the investors are unrelated and ensures agreed investment policies are adhered to.
  • High Net Worth Individuals seeking to achieve asset protection and tax optimisation are replacing their traditional holding companies with a more tax-friendly and professionally managed fund structure.
  • Non-EU fund managers wishing to raise capital in Europe, as well as to develop a presence in the European market can benefit from fund hosting from a European Fund Manager AIFM and distribute their funds to investors in all EU countries.

Xenia finally highlighted the reasons why an investor should choose Cyprus and the main benefits of Cyprus in comparison to other EU countries.

Those of you who did not have the chance to watch the webinar can download the slides presented by our Managing Director here.

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