ICPAC’s webinar “The Funds’ Industry in Cyprus.”

ICPAC’s webinar “The Funds’ Industry in Cyprus.”



We are excited about the participation of our managing Director, Xenia Neophytou, in ICPAC’s webinar titled “The Funds’ Industry in Cyprus”. Xenia Neophytou is a member of the Technical Committee of ICPAC for funds, committed to creating awareness about topics such as Funds and Compliance to ICPAC members and more.

Join us on the 15th of February, from 10:00 am until 1:15 pm. The topics to be discussed will be wide-ranging from Legal and Operational, and more technical such as Accounting and Tax.

About the ICPAC

ICPAC houses all professional accountants, supports, and promotes the activities and interests of the accountancy profession, safeguards the reputation of the profession and adherence to the Code of Ethics, and provides for the continuous professional development and updating of members.

What will you learn at ICPAC’s webinar?

The webinar will be very informative, not only for the members of ICPAC but also for non-members. Topics will be wide-ranging explaining the Regulatory and Tax framework and accounting and other operational aspects of Funds and Fund Managers.

Xenia Neophytou, the Managing Director of CX Financia, as a member of the Technical Committee of ICPAC, will speak about AIF Characteristics, Operational Rules & other duties AIFMs.

Webinar Agenda

In more detail, the topics to be discussed include:

  • Legislative framework
  • Different types of Investment Funds and Alternative Funds management Companies (including the new Mini Manager)
  • AIF Characteristics
  • Operational Rules & Reporting Obligations of AIFs
  • High-level analysis of the critical Accounting standards relevant to the investment funds
  • High-level analysis of the tax framework and benefits to the Fund managers

The webinar speakers

The speakers, members of the ICPAC funds technical committee are the following:

  • Michalis Vasiliou, Partner at KPMG – Audit and Assurance
  • George Karatzias-CIFA Board member, Vice Chairman of CIFA fund administrators committee
  • Xenia Neophytou, Director at CX Financia, CIFA tax committee
  • Andreas Andronicou, Partner at PWC – Tax Advisory

More information regarding “The Funds’ Industry in Cyprus (Regulation, Organisational Requirements, Accounting &Tax matters)” and Registration details can be found here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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