iCoin Summit 2018

iCoin Summit 2018 review

CX Financia, keeping up with the industry trend and consumer demand, attended last week the “iCoin Summit 2018”, the first Blockchain event in Cyprus that featured live ICO battles. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to Blockchain experts and gain essential knowledge for establishing and marketing an ICO, as well as presented with interesting Blockchain applications to real-life matters by participating ICOs.

We would like to congratulate the organizers of the summit for their excellent venue choice, amazing organization, exciting discussion panels, and esteemed selection of speakers.

It is evident that Blockchain technology, combined with human ingenuity, can solve a lot of real-world problems and is here to stay.

CX Financia, in turn, would like to congratulate the winners of the competition and to all participants as they presented equally impressive solutions making the judges’ decision considerably hard.


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