Growth Sectors in Cyprus - webinar

Growth Sectors in Cyprus – webinar

Watch the webinar here

Relocating in Cyprus is always a good idea. Aside from its high quality of life and its natural beauties, Cyprus offers numerous business opportunities and provides significant business benefits to investors and entrepreneurs who wish to relocate on the island.

Last week, our founder, Mrs Xenia Neophytou discussed about the ‘key-growth sectors in Cyprus’ in a webinar organised by the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association titled ‘Buying or Relocating to Cyprus’.

Mrs Xenia Neophytou talked about the key-growth sectors in Cyprus and mentioned some of the government’s schemes and incentives which are currently available to start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs. The webinar analysed the main incentives and benefits that are available in Cyprus and discussed the alternative investment opportunities that investors can exploit.

Those of you who missed the webinar, can watch it here.

You can access the slides presented by Mrs Xenia Neophytou here.


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