Global Tax Post COVID-19 Webinar

Global Tax Post COVID-19 Webinar

In a post-COVID-19 world, the global economy is set to undergo a transformative makeover in all aspects, including taxation. In fact, recent developments in the areas of International Taxation, transfer pricing, digital taxation and even VAT on cross-border supplies have certainly demonstrated the extent of these changes.

On June 4th, Tax India Online (TIOL) held a webinar entitled Global Tax Post Covid-19, inviting seasoned experts and reputable Tax and Regulatory Experts from India, Europe and the UAE to discuss the recent developments in the areas of Taxation (including VAT, Excise and Customs) and Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) in the GCC Countries Post COVID 19.

Xenia Neophytou, Director of CX Financia and Board Member of the Cyprus India Association represented Cyprus in the webinar. Among the topics discussed were the challenges created by the pandemic, which have put a hold on many established and developing economies. Panellists also discussed the immediate actions taken by various nations and jurisdictions, as well as the current effects of these measures, and the way forward.

As part of her input in the webinar, Xenia presented her two-part series of articles discussing the economic measures proposed by the EU and Cyprus in response to COVID-19. These can be found here and here.

In addition to Xenia’s contribution, panellists and contributors included Akhilesh Ranjan, former member of CBDT; Arijit Prasad, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India; Sudipta Bhattacharjee, Senior Partner, Advaita Legal, Delhi; Mayank Sawhney, Director, Maxgrowth Consulting, Dubai; Amit Kumar Sarkar, Managing Partner, Versari Advisors India LLP; Rishabh Sawansukha, Founder, GST Street; R Sridhar, Consulting Editor, TIOL; and Shailendra Kumar, Founding Editor, TIOL.

Thank you to all who participated for their insightful wisdom and thoughtful contributions. In case you missed the webinar, a full video recording is available on the TIOL YouTube Channel here. Should you have any follow-up questions, please submit them below.


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