8th GBCY international webinar

“Is London still the World’s Global Financial Centre? Is Cyprus an alternative destination for Londoners?” webinar highlights

CX Financia proudly participated in the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association’s 8th international webinar on the 22nd of June.

Among the topics discussed, was the impact of Brexit on the enforcement of judgements between Cyprus and the EU, and what are the alternatives; this raised a lot of questions from the audience and the treatment forward.

If you are interested in watching the full webinar, you can find the recorded video here.

CX Financia’s Managing Director, Xenia Neophytou, participated as a speaker and moderator of the webinar.

Xenia analyzed the key benefits of setting up a company in Cyprus, such as the fact that the island offers the lowest corporation tax in Europe (12.5%).

What are the uses of Cyprus companies? This question was also addressed during Xenia’s speech, where she mentioned that one of those uses are the Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs).

Those of you who did not have the chance to watch the webinar can download the slides presented by our Managing Director here.

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