Danilo Santanatoglia discusses the landscape with Mundo Group of Experts

Forex licenses in Cyprus: Danilo Santanatoglia discusses the landscape with Mundo Group of Experts

Danilo Santanatoglia, International Business Associate at CX Financia sits down with Mundo Group of Experts to discuss the landscape, benefits and the overall opportunity of obtaining Forex licenses in Cyprus.


Why is Cyprus a prestigious jurisdiction for Forex Trading; Answered!

In the interview, Danilo explains what Forex trading is, how it works and what licenses a firm needs for forex brokerage. The interview discusses the changes after Cyprus joined the European Union in 2014. One of those changes is that many companies, including Forex, were attracted to set up offices in Cyprus due to the island’s many advantages including its strategic location, tax regime, and business-friendly infrastructure amongst others.

The full interview shines a light on the following:

  • What exactly is Forex trading and how it works.
  • The various types of brokers within the Forex industry.
  • How can a firm engage in Forex trading, what license it needs to obtain, what activities it allows you to do.
  • How long it takes to obtain licensed services.
  • Why has Cyprus become one of the most prestigious jurisdictions for Forex Trading.
  • Cyprus offers many different licensing regimes. What are some other business models and licences?

You can find the full interview which is translated into 4 different languages, by following the links below:

The Financial Sector in Cyprus and Our Experience With it

The financial sector in Cyprus is continuously growing. Our company has successfully obtained licences for our clients for the authorisation of Investment Firms (CIFs), Investment Funds (AIFS and AF Managers) and Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs). We undertake, advise and support with the application process. We fully support them in setting up their business, maintaining it operational and addressing their post-licensing challenges and requirements.

What is Mundo Group of Experts?

Mundo is a unique investment, wealth, and corporate portal that has a dedicated team of top professionals around the world. The team includes lawyers, businessmen and financial advisers, with the aim to help their clients develop their personal and economic potential to the maximum.

How Can CX Financia Help You

At CX Financia, we support Investment Firms and Investment Funds during the licensing process, from authorisation to activation and provide solutions on relevant matters post-authorisation. Find out more information here.

Whether you are a Broker, IB or Asset Manager, Market Maker, EMI, PI, or a Banking Institution, we can help. We assist in comparing regulatory jurisdictions and advising on where and how to best conduct your business to a complete set-up package with a fully licensed and operating firm.

Need assistance with obtaining the CySEC license? Contact our experts.



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