Developing the Fund Industry Through Cyprus

Developing the Fund Industry Through Cyprus

June 6, 2017

The Republic of Cyprus has modernized its legislation governing investment funds with the aim to offer alternative solutions.

As a result, the country has developed into a key regional domicile for Alternative Investments Funds offering a choice of flexible and advantageous structures to investors.
The fund management industry in Cyprus is registering significant progress and success. Legal and tax framework enhancements have given Cyprus a comparable status with other EU jurisdictions. With further legal improvements in the pipeline, the fund industry aims to capitalize on Cyprus’s EU Freedom of Services license, as well as its geographical position, in particular its proximity to the Middle East and Africa. The industry’s strategic focus is on the Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) that can be used for management and capital raising purposes”.
Alternative Investment Fund can attract enormous benefits, when established in Cyprus including the European passporting for the distribution of the Fund’s units. Investors will not only benefit from the favorable tax regime of the Republic of Cyprus, but also from the modernized legislation, the easy and cost efficient process to set up and maintain a fund and the extensive range of legal, accounting and financial services provided by local experts.”
Advantages Cyprus can offer to third country fund managers wishing to raise capital in Europe. Cyprus can offer ideal distribution opportunities through its strategic location and its favorable tax system in particular for asset managers’. Among the attractive solutions proposed is the establishment of a European Management Company and in this respect Cyprus offers a vast network of service providers, human resources, and favorable legal environment and the Management Company “platforms” which are currently the most popular means of gaining entrance to Europe.
Watch the Invest in Cyprus Forum relating Investment Funds presented in United States here.

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