Cyprus Regulatory Report CySEC

CySEC Reporting Obligations – February 2023

Find below the Reporting Obligations required by CySEC for February 2023

Obliged EntityObliged EntityTRSDeadline
CIF, CASPComplaints Form 144-002-01TRSFebruary 5th
CIFAnnual Prudential Supervision Form 165-02 for Class 3TRSFebruary 11th
CIF, CASPQuarterly Prudential Supervision Form 165-01 for Class 2TRSFebruary 11th
CIF, CASPQuarterly Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial BalanceCySEC PortalFebruary 11th
CIFQuarterly Country Analysis Form CATRSFebruary 13th
CIF, CASP, AIFMAML Monthly Prevention Statement Form 144-08-11CySEC PortalFebruary 15th
CIFQuarterly Survey QSEFI-QRVSCBC PortalFebruary 20th, upon CBC request
CIF, CASP, AIFMRenewal of certified persons in the CySEC public registerCySEC WebsiteFebruary 20th, upon CBC request

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