Is Cyprus the perfect place for Relocation, investment, or retirement?

Is Cyprus the perfect place for Relocation, investment, or retirement?

On March 2nd, the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association held a webinar titled:

‘Is Cyprus the perfect place for Relocation, investment, or retirement’ ?

If you are interested in watching the full webinar, you can find the recorded video here.

Industry experts were invited to talk about companies or individuals that wish to relocate to Cyprus, whether Cyprus remains a reputable international business centre and other interesting matters.

The webinar received positive feedback from the attendees. They found it very interesting and informative, posed a lot of questions in the Q&A session and showed engagement. In general, they remained very satisfied with the webinar and said that all the speakers were great.

CX Financia’s Managing Director, Xenia Neophytou, as a member and supporter of the association, was the webinar’s moderator.

The topics discussed

The main topics that were discussed at the webinar were:

Cyprus remains a reputable business centre

The island will still be used by international investors for many tax, legal and commercial reasons, such as the low tax environment for corporations (12,50%) and individuals.

IP Box Regime for individuals or companies who wish to relocate to Cyprus 

  • Deemed Expense: Effective taxation as low as 2.5% can be achieved
  • Qualifying Profit: 80% is considered as a deemed expense
  • Remaining Profits: The remaining 20% is taxed under normal corporation tax rates of 12.5%) and Ratio Determinants

You can find more information about Intellectual Property (IP) in Cyprus here.

Acquiring Cypriot Citizenship

Cyprus Residency has been increasing significantly over the past few years, particularly from UK Citizens as well as many individuals of Cypriot origin, mainly due to the issue of Brexit.

  • Naturalization scheme based on years of residence
  • Cypriot Citizenship by marriage
  • Cyprus citizenship due to origin

Acquiring a Cypriot Residency or Visa

The Cyprus Permanent Residency Program (Fast Track) is valid for life, whereas for Category F, the Residency visa is renewable every 2 years. Also, for Fast Track, you have to visit Cyprus once every 2 years to maintain the Permit and the same for Category F.

Find out more about Cyprus Permanent Residence as well as Visas and Work Permits.

The Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association

There is a need for networking between Cyprus and the UK to enhance the business relationships between the two countries. The Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association can enable networking by introducing each company to its members and associates.

About CX Financia and How We Can Help

Whatever your investment needs, CX Financia can offer personalized solutions tailored to both corporations and individuals. Our team of experts and associates have vast experience in a number of areas, such as the incorporation of business in Cyprus or abroad and the incorporation and licensing of funds and investment firms. We also have the expertise and have helped companies with their relocation plans.

In more detail, we are specialized in providing the following services:

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