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Cyprus Filming Scheme

With more than 300 days of sunshine, a large variety of captivating sceneries, and a culture with a strong heritage; Cyprus is a natural film studio. Committed to boosting the Filming Sector, the government of Cyprus introduced a set of incentives encouraging producers from around the world to choose Cyprus as their next film destination.

More specifically, production companies that choose to film in Cyprus will benefit from tax discounts on investments made on equipment and infrastructure, receive VAT returns on expenditure in scope, and choose between a cash rebate or tax credit, among other benefits.

How can CX Financia help?

As a top-tier consulting group, we incorporate our industry knowledge, domestic network, and expertise to deliver a fully integrated approach to film production companies that consider Cyprus as their potential film destination.

Our full suite of corporate services includes:

  • Assist your production company as an advisor to the Cyprus Filming Scheme
  • Liaising with the competent authority during the application and assessment process
  • Monitoring the application status and follow-up
  • Identifying the documents and information required by the competent authority for the application
  • Incorporating a Cyprus company (or structuring a group of companies) to carry out and manage the production of the film
  • Administrative services and tax services to the Cyprus corporate entity
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Advising on financing options
  • Assist with bank accounts opening at local banks

If you are considering Cyprus as a potential location for your filming,

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