Cyprus and United Kingdom: The promising Lands? – Services and Opportunities

“Cyprus and United Kingdom: The promising Lands? – Services and Opportunities” webinar

On April 20th, the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association held a webinar titled: “Cyprus and United Kingdom: The promising Lands? – Services and Opportunities”

If you are interested in watching the full webinar, you can find the recorded video here.

Industry experts were invited to talk about Banking Services, Legal Services, Financial & Tax Services, Real Estate Opportunities and Funds.

CX Financia’s Managing Director, Xenia Neophytou, as a member and supporter of the association, was the webinar’s moderator but also participated as a speaker.

The topics discussed

The keynote speaker was Natasa Pilides, Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Cyprus who delivered the webinar’s “welcome speech”. Natasa’s vision is to establish Cyprus on the Mediterranean’s energy map and work for the importance of environmental issues. At the webinar, Natasa mentioned that in Cyprus we have a diversified service-based economy. In the post-Brexit era, Cyprus wants to preserve the good relationship we have with the UK. She also talked about the Fast-track business activation where companies owned by people from non-EU countries can receive help to set up and do the necessary registrations.

Dr. George Mountis talked about Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Cyprus and the UK. He pointed out that there has been an increased demand in Cyprus from British Expats buying smaller houses, mainly for retirement.

Andrea Kallis explained the stages of the business relationship between Cyprus and Great Britain and stressed that there is a new common path after Brexit.

Michalis Michael gave insight into Cyprus Banking and the efficiency in a stricter regulatory environment.

Stella Zenios gave an overview from the UK perspective regarding the Banking Service. She said that the banking industry globally is becoming more transparent, especially with the central bank directives, substance, business activities etc.

Alex Chrysaphiades and Nik Shah spoke about the UK tax regime and the administrative requirements of the UK, both in terms of corporate and tax requirements.

Finally, our Managing Director Xenia Neophytou gave information about the Cyprus Financial Services Industry and Post-Brexit Implications and Opportunities.

Xenia outlined that the Financial Services are considered to be pivotal for Cyprus’ economy and have attracted significant amounts of Foreign Direct Investment. Cyprus has seen an increase in financial services companies; fund managers and e-money and payment institutions looking at the island as a ‘low cost’ European base to retain EU ‘passporting’ rights. Cyprus’ modern legal framework follows the latest EU regulations and is based on the UK Common Law system. Finally, the independent public supervisory authority is considered among the strongest in the EU.

Those of you who did not have the chance to watch the webinar can download the slides presented by our Managing Director Xenia Neophytou here.

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