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Cyprus Investment Program

Cypriot Investment Program for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Following the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 21.5.2018, any individual interested in participating to the Cyprus Investment Program for the purpose of acquiring Cypriot citizenship by exception for investors, they must apply through an authorized service provider. For that purpose a public registry is available as of 15th of June 2018 here.

CX Financia is an approved member and authorized to provide guidance and assistance to high-net worth individuals that wish to partake in the Cyprus Investment Program.

In order to qualify for the program, the individual must:

  1. invest a total of €2,000,000 in Cyprus 
  2. make a mandatory donation of €150,000 
  3. own a residence in Cyprus worth of €500,000 and have a residence permit 
  4. have a clean criminal record
  5. be able to prove source of funds used

We offer highly customized package solutions for applicants that include:

  1. assistance with preparation of the application
  2. preparation and gathering of accompanied documentation
  3. research and assistance in finding a suitable investment for you
  4. assistance with acquisition of residence permit
  5. research and assistance in finding a suitable permanent residency
  6. monitoring and supervising your investments (Citizenship maintenance)
  7. preparation of investment progress report (Citizenship maintenance)

It is noted that interested individuals need to undergo an enhanced due diligence process prior proceeding with the application as required by Law.

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