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Regulatory Compliance Support

No matter the industry, sector, or company size, all businesses are required to adhere to certain laws, guidelines, and operations as part of their operations. The dynamic pace of regulatory change, the competition from new entrants, and the increased risk of reputational damage make regulatory compliance an essential part of the business strategy.   

Whether you’re looking for a consultancy partner for the first time, seeking to benchmark your current provider and costs, or obtain a genuinely fresh perspective on your regulatory compliance, our team can help.

How can CX Financia help?

Our team at CX Financia is dedicated to improving organisational resilience and efficiency through an integrated approach to regulatory compliance.

We provide a full range of regulatory compliance services including:

  • Retainer Agreement
  • Structured Advisory Engagement
  • Flexible Ad-hoc Agreement
  • Assessment of practices, manuals, procedures, and controls
  • FATCA & CRS Reporting & Assistance
  • Advice on GDPR requirements
  • Design and execution of compliance policies and procedures

Our experience spans many industries including Investment Firms, Wealth Management Companies, Forex, Asset Managers, and Electronic Money Institutions.

We can work with you to help you establish a transparent and resilient regulatory environment.

Find out more about our Internal Auditing services.

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