Compliance Challenges for Today’s Financial Service Providers

Compliance Challenges for Today’s Financial Service Providers: Webinar Catch Up

We have often talked about the importance of creating a Strong AML Compliance Culture, and the many challenges firms face in order to comply more efficiently and effectively with ever-changing regulations. Recently, CX Financia Director Xenia Neophytou had the opportunity to participate in a webinar hosted by Taxlinked, the first online community designed and created exclusively for tax, corporate, and legal professionals.

The webinar was titled Compliance Challenges for Today’s Financial Service Providers, and Xenia shared her insights on how CX Financia helps clients in all areas of compliance, AML, MiFID II transposition, and other related areas. Xenia was joined by panellist Dr. Peter A. Wilson, International Tax Advisor, PB First Global Tax Advisers, UAE. Both distinguished guests engaged in a productive dialogue on the compliance challenges faced by today’s financial service professional and how firms are dealing with them, answering questions posed by Mateo Jarrin Cuvi, journalist and moderator for Taxlinked.

Taxlinked members who missed out on the webinar, or who want to give it another listen, can do so by watching the full recording, available here, or by checking out the full transcript, available for all here.

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