Forbes Cyprus Women 2023

Celebrating Innovation: Our Client’s Triumph at the Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards 2023

In December, the Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech celebrated the notable growth of Cyprus’s tech industry, focusing on the impressive contributions of women in this field. The event was held in Limassol and highlighted Cyprus once again as an increasingly important center for technological innovation.

Tanya Dadasheva of The IP Paperclip Project Ltd. was among those honored.  Her significant influence in the tech community was acknowledged, underscoring her vital role in the sector. Together with her associated Directors, the team with their collective leadership has significantly advanced The IP Paperclip Project Ltd in the field of tech innovation.

CX Financia has played a supportive role in their journey. We have facilitated the establishment and relocation of their company and staff to Cyprus, reflecting our commitment to nurturing businesses in this dynamic tech ecosystem. This collaboration demonstrates our capabilities in company setup and immigration services, and our focus on client success.

We take pride in the accomplishments of Tanya Dadasheva and her team. Our Managing Director, Xenia Neophytou , was honored to accept the award on Tanya’s behalf, as she was in Silicon Valley, expanding her influence and network. Tanya’s message emphasized the importance of community, collaboration, and passion in technology, especially AI.

The success of The IP Paperclip Project Ltd highlights not only their innovative approach but also the favorable business environment in Cyprus for tech companies. The supportive climate and innovative community make Cyprus an ideal location for tech businesses seeking growth and global impact.

At CX Financia, we view ourselves as integral contributors to our clients’ success stories. Our assistance in transitioning businesses to Cyprus aligns with our vision of promoting growth within the tech community, both locally and globally.

This event marked the collective progress of Cyprus as a tech hub, attracting and nurturing global tech talent. We extend our congratulations to Tanya Dadasheva ,her fellow directors, and all the inspiring women driving technology forward. Their achievements motivate us, and we are committed to supporting businesses in Cyprus’s prospering tech landscape.


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