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Headquartering and Economic Substance

Cyprus is undeniably a key jurisdiction for the headquarters of multinationals and substance offices of small and medium-sized entities. Cyprus’ strategic location, quality of life, highly educated workforce, and corporate taxation make the country an emerging destination for businesses and high-net-worth individuals.

Over the past few years, there was an enormous step towards the de-offshorization of companies, with many companies shifting to actual economic substance, in which corporate activities are transparent and substance together with rationale is no longer questioned.

Cyprus follows the OECD model convention and offers a favorable 12.5% corporation tax on income generated from tax residents of Cyprus. Companies may also benefit from other schemes related to tax residents of Cyprus which allow companies to have tax relief and thus not be taxed in a group of incomes such as dividend income, interest income, FX gains, gains arising from loan restructuring, and many others.

How can CX Financia help?

Our specialist teams have the industry experience to help you set up your headquarters, identify bespoke solutions and use the domestic network to deliver value to your global clients.

Our full suite of corporate services includes:

  • Consulting regarding the appropriate level of substance
  • Immigration and Management services
  • Identifying suitable office space and residential accommodation
  • Assistance with setting up your office, hiring local personnel, and dealing with visas and work permits of foreign employees
  • Support for ongoing administrative functions of companies (fiduciary, accounting, payroll, and HR solutions)
  • Tax services including corporate, personal, and indirect tax compliance and advisory for domiciling of companies to Cyprus
  • Independent IT environment set up and creation of a corporate website
  • Access to Real Estate Markets and Banking Services

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