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AML Compliance Support

AML regulations consist of an integral part of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing around the globe. To address emerging risks and new threats, laws and regulations are becoming stringent with more operations, industries, and functions being impacted. Accountants, asset managers, custodians, law firms, trust companies, real estate agents, and other industries are now susceptible to AML compliance.

AML compliance does not have to be a challenge. Powered by automated processes and backed by our extensive experience in the industry, our team can help you manage AML risks effectively through customised solutions.

How can CX Financia help?

We can work shoulder to shoulder with you to perform systematic AML risk assessments, review current control principles, and establish an integrated approach to AML to mitigate risks.

We provide a full range of AML services including:

  • Review of AML and CFT procedures.
  • AML mock inspections.
  • AML due diligence on counterparties, administrators, and trustees.
  • Screening customer lists for sanctions or adverse news.
  • Risk management assessment
  • Review of PEP decisions
  • Training, both online and in-person on a wide range of AML/CFT topics as well as preparing content for industry associations and public events.
  • Advice on best practices regarding whistleblowing and sanctions policies
  • Preparation and establishment of your company’s Sanctions Compliance Programme, Sanctions policies, and Whistleblowing policies.

Our experience spans many industries including Investment Firms, Wealth Management Companies, Forex, Asset Managers, and Electronic Money Institutions. We can work with you to help you establish a transparent and resilient AML environment.

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