AIBC Balkans/CIS Summit 2023

AIBC Balkans/CIS Summit 2023: Featuring CX Financia

We’re happy to announce that CX Financia will join the upcoming AIBC Balkans/CIS Summit 2023, organized by AIBC World and SiGMA World. Set to take place from September 4th to 7th in Limassol, this event is a deep dive into the world of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3.


Unveiling Innovation

Get ready to unlock the future as we dive headfirst into the world of emerging tech industries. From artificial intelligence that’s reshaping the way we interact with machines to the limitless possibilities of virtual reality, the disruptive potential of blockchain, the intricate world of cryptocurrencies, and the boundless horizons of web3, this event is a deep exploration into the uncharted waters of innovation.


Agenda Highlights

Discover a dynamic agenda that spans diverse topics. Explore responsible gaming and player behavior, gain insights into emerging Balkans casino trends, uncover the secrets of e-commerce and SEO in the creative realm, witness the excitement of the Centurion FC MMA weigh-in, witness innovative startups pitch at SiGMA/AGS, delve into forex trading intricacies at AIBC FX, master investment strategies, explore the world of crypto and blockchain, envision the future of AI, Web 3, and the metaverse, delve into the realms of esports and sportsbooks, decode the power of influencers in digital marketing, and engage in the fast-paced Affiliate x Operators Speed Dating Balkans.


Join CX Financia at the Summit

We’re excited to announce that CX Financia will take the stage at the summit. Join us for a panel discussion on “The Impact of Evolving Regulations on the Forex Trading Industry,” featuring our Managing Director, Mrs. Xenia Neophytou.


Connect with Us

Looking to connect with CX Financia during the event? Book a meeting with our Managing Director ( or directly through LinkedIn) to explore possibilities, discussions, and networking opportunities.


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