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Wherever you are in your business lifecycle, accounting and bookkeeping are integral for making better-informed decisions with greater confidence and planning for a more profitable future.

From accountancy to business advisory and planning, our team of professionally qualified and experienced accountants will provide expert advice alongside a full range of accountancy and regulatory reporting services tailored to match your business needs.

How can CX Financia help? At CX Financia, we provide a complete range of accounting services that can scale your firm, build profitability, and simplify your operational process. Our full suite of accounting services includes:
  • Accounting and bookkeeping for local and international companies.
  • Maintenance of statutory books and records.
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly, and yearly management accounts and other management reports
  • Preparation of annual statutory financial statements under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Payroll administration and social security services
  • Reconciliation of receivables and payables
  • Reconciliation of bank balances to bank statements
Our client base includes a diverse range of firms, from Holding to Trading companies, Investment Firms to Wealth Management companies, and Electronic Money Institutions.

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